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9 May 2008

Locke and Abaddon
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In Cabin fever Abaddon contacts Locke after he was pushed out of the window.

Locke and Alpert
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In Cabin Fever we found out that Richard Alpert visited Locke as a young boy.

3 Apr 2008

Claire and Sawyer
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Sawyer met Claire's dad in a bar and had a few drinks with him. Same reason why Sawyer and Jack are connected

14 Mar 2008

Nikki & Sun
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Sun was watching Exposé on her television set during her flashforward in Ji Yeon

3 Mar 2008

Daniel and Desmond
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Desmond met Daniel back in Oxford in the episode The Constant

1 Feb 2008

Hurley & Ana-Lucia
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Ana-Lucia partner, Big Mike, Interrogated Hurley in The Beginning of the End.

17 May 2007

Sayid and Charlie
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Charlie saved Sayid's Nadia from a mugging

9 May 2007

Locke & Sawyer
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Locke's dad, Anthony Cooper, was the man who conned Sawyers parents.